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Julie Cassels Julie Cassels

The Inter-Relationship Between Sculpture and Fabric.’

Throughout history clothing has been represented in sculpture. It exists in many forms and represents fabric, as static and as flowing, capturing elements of movement. It reflects symbolism and allegory, it can be realistic or abstracted, whilst clothing itself can be sculptural in form or represented as such. Historically clothing and textiles have a constant significance in art.

I researched how the rendering of fabric, in all its forms is achieved. That is, the inter-relationship between sculpture and clothing, the study, practice and execution of a sculptural rendition along with consideration of its affects.

The research led to a long term project of amalgamating sculptural form with photography and textile. The intention of my project was to focus on the artists view point and to produce creative work in response to my findings but do so from an informed position. The AA2A scheme provided the opportunity and facilities for me to carry out this project along side study at the Henry Moore Institute, Leeds and Platt Hall, Gallery of Costume, Manchester.

Sculptural Threads