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Aldous Huxley experienced an awakening to the meditative power of drapery during a monitored experimentation with Mescaline in the early 1950’s. He commented that what he experienced had shown him into an artist’s mind, captivated by the beauty of folds of cloth. The implication that this opening of his mind gave access to an otherwise unappreciated artist’s viewpoint, highlights, to me, the individuality of seeing and of focus. The ‘Seeing Differently’ series is an ongoing project to foreground drapery, in existing art, with research taking the form of an ongoing series of altered books, photographs and other images.

The new body of work produced during my AA2A residency at University of Chester expands the ‘Seeing Differently’ series with an ongoing collection of works that combine low relief canvasses with images, digitally printed onto fabric.

These works encapsulate my personal view of classic paintings, literally they are, ‘The Way I See It’.

Each canvas echoes the size of the original work. The series includes;

‘After Andrew Wyeth’, ‘After Caspar David Friedrich’, ‘After Van Eyck’ and ‘After Titian’ .