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Julie Cassels Julie Cassels

The ‘What Am I Given?’ series have all been created during Covid-19 lockdown. Everything, clothes, textiles and flowers have been sourced from my home.

Many years ago, my maths teacher told me that any mathematical problem could be answered by asking yourself the questions.

‘What am I given?
Why am I given it?
How can I use it?’
Since then, I find it can be applied to creative thinking, resourcefulness and general problem solving, all appropriate to the current situation. ‘Given’ also implies a gift, which can be the simplest thing.

What Am I Given? Series

What am I given? - Blue Dress on Blue Curtain Forget-me-not

What am I given? - White Dress on Blue Satin Dandelion

What am I given? - Mauve Shirt on Mauve Quilt Camelia

What am I given? - Mustard Dress on Gold Curtain Poppy