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Aldous Huxley experienced an awakening to the meditative power of drapery during a monitored experimentation with Mescaline in the early 1950’s. Huxley was enthralled when he looked down, by chance,

Those folds in the trousers – what a labyrinth of endlessly significant complexity! And the texture of the grey flannel- how rich, how deeply, mysteriously sumptuous!’

He commented that what he experienced had shown him into an artist’s mind, captivated by the beauty of folds of cloth. The implication that this opening of his mind gave access to an otherwise unappreciated artist’s viewpoint, highlights, to me, the individuality of seeing and of focus.

The quote is from ‘The Doors of Perception’ By Aldous Huxley

Just Looking Down Series

Just Looking Down - Clean Sheets

Just Looking Down - Blue Artist’s Overall

Just Looking Down - Purple Skirt

Just Looking Down - Blue

Just Looking Down - Grey Artist’s Overall

Just Looking Down - Orange Quilt