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Julie Cassels Julie Cassels

The ‘Patient Sitter’ series captures what would be happening in an artists’ field of vision if they were painting this scene, Historically, recording a scene with paint or a photograph was a lengthy process which both the sitter and the artist had to invest time in. The finished work would be an amalgamation of that time into layers of pigment or a captured image.

The series is inspired by classic paintings and their composition, the emphasis is on historical echoes, in particular the depiction of drapery. It is exhibited on a continual loop, without sound or dialogue and is not edited or manipulated. In this way it relates, in real time, to the conditions at the time of its creation. It combines two mediums to create a work where the stillness of a photographic image becomes animated.

Patient Sitter - Cullercoats

Patient Sitter - Gold Dress

The ‘Patient Sitter’ Series

Video Paintings